Goodman remains positive

Published 7:32 pm Saturday, May 6, 2017

Dani Goodman was voted Duke Automotive-Suffolk News-Herald Player of the Week after going 2-3 with a triple, two runs and three RBIs for the Lady Saints in a win over Greenbrier Christian Academy.

Dani Goodman was voted Duke Automotive-Suffolk-News Herald Player of the Week after going 2-3 with a triple, two runs and three RBIs for the Lady Saints in a win over Greenbrier Christian Academy.

Goodman is a junior outfielder for Nansemond-Suffolk Academy softball team. She is one of the many productive pieces for the winning machine that is the NSA softball team. Last week, they defeated GCA to claim the No. 1 spot in the VISAA Division II poll. GCA had previously been No. 1, while NSA was No. 2.

What was so impressive for NSA is that they shut out their opponent 13-0. Goodman had a solid game, going 2-3 with a triple and two runs. She gives credit to her teammates for her performance. They loaded the bases, and she was given the opportunity to keep the rally going. Goodman admitted at first she was nervous, but after talking with Lady Saints coach Brittany Thornburg, she calmed down and played.

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“Coach Brittany told me it was just another at bat,” Goodman said. “I was thrown a good pitch and took advantage for my team. I had a good game, but it was a team effort and a big win for all of NSA softball.”

Goodman loves representing her school and being a part of a good team with a good dynamic.

“As an athlete, that’s all you can ask for — a chance to be a part of a great team and contribute to success,” the junior said.

Her teammates really motivate her. They are always cheering and hyping her up, Goodman joked about there never being a dull moment with her team. On the field or in the box, her teammates motivate her at all times. She draws inspiration from her coach. After developing a closer relationship with Thornburg, it has helped her play.

“Coach Brittany inspires me a lot,” Goodman said. “She is always pushing me to reach my full potential. I’ve admired her since I joined the team in eighth grade. We have become closer this year, and I really look up to her.”

One of Goodman’s primary goals this year was to remain positive no matter what. There have been times through the season where she was tested, but she has stayed true to her goal. Keeping a positive attitude can help not only Goodman but also the rest of her team.

NSA is a very good team, which is evident by their No. 1 ranking. Sometimes things may not go their way in games they are expected to win, but Goodman believes having a positive attitude helps to work through those situations.

“It doesn’t matter if you strike out or make an error,” the junior said. “What matters is shaking it off and getting it the next time. If you dwell on one thing, it can heavily affect how the rest of the game goes. Our team has some of the best attitudes that I’ve ever played with. It’s a large factor in our success.”

In her spare time, Goodman likes to hang with her family and take photos.

NSA will head into postseason play this week. They will be at home at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday to face Hampton Roads Academy.