Alphin is no true Republican

Published 10:10 pm Thursday, May 11, 2017

To the editor,

We, the leadership of the Republican Party of the 4th and 3rd Congressional Districts of Virginia, are writing in an effort to inform and educate our Republican voters in the 64th Legislative District of the Virginia House of Delegates, who will be voting in the Republican primary on June 13.

Rex Alphin is opposed by the leadership of the Republican Party, whose constituents represent the broad spectrum of the Republican Party who are opposed to liberal values and policy.


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Mr. Alphin’s voting record as a member of the Isle of Wight County Board of Supervisors speaks for itself. He has continually voted for liberal proposals that came before the board.

This is his record: In May 2011, he voted to raise the real estate taxes in Isle of Wight by 25 percent, and then again in September 2012 he voted for yet another real estate tax increase. In October 2016, he voted to raise the machine tax from 70 cents to $1.70 per $100.

Mr. Alphin has never seen a tax hike he did not like! With his constant tax-hike voting record, he is voting more like a Democrat than a Republican.

Mr. Alphin has never been involved with the Republican Party until now that he is seeking higher office. He’s never served as a member of any official Republican committee, nor has he supported our conservative values while serving on the Board of Supervisors.

We as Republicans have a set of values that we strive to uphold, which Mr. Alphin does not share.
If Mr. Alphin receives our nomination in June, we will be nominating a person who does not share in the beliefs or the principles of the Republican Party.

Based on his own record, we know what he will do in Richmond as a delegate. We already know how he legislates by the way he has voted as a board member, and we know this will not change. As a delegate at the General Assembly, he will continue to raise taxes on all of Virginia.

As Republicans, we must stand firm on our beliefs and way of life. We cannot afford to nominate Mr. Alphin to represent our party.

Jack Wilson, 4th District Chairman
State Central Committee Members: Barbara Tabb, Carey Allen, Carole de Triquet, Steve Trent
Unit Chairman: Brandon Howard, Hopewell; Dean McCray, Dinwiddie; Wayne Cunningham, Prince George; Debbie Trimmer, Petersburg; Peter Churins, Charles City; Walt Brown, Franklin; John Kinsey, Emporia; Steve Trent, Suffolk; Carole de Triquet, Chesapeake; Vernon Teall, Sussex