Vote Democrat and restore ‘balance’

Published 10:15 pm Saturday, May 20, 2017

To the editor:

Currently in the Virginia General Assembly, there are 66 Republicans and 34 Democrats. This is not representative of citizenry preferences as evidenced by the three most recent presidential and the last gubernatorial elections, all of which were won by Democrats.

It is time to bring balance to our state by electing Democrats to the Assembly. The first step is voting in the June 13 primary, where there are three highly qualified Democrats running to represent the 64th District, which encompasses most of Isle of Wight County.

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They are Jerry Cantrell, Rebecca Colaw and John Wandling.

Act now to bring the change we need to the Assembly. Support the Democratic candidate of your choice in the June 13 primary.

Then, let’s all work together for the election of our nominee in November.

Joe Puglisi