Grand jury indicts 43

Published 9:34 pm Thursday, May 25, 2017

The grand jury on Monday indicted 43 defendants on 103 charges, including a 24-year-old man indicted on charges of possession of heroin and fentanyl with intent to distribute.

Ernest Semaj Thorpe III was arrested in late December on the charges, according to documents filed in Suffolk Circuit Court.

According to officers’ accounts of the events, officers were called to a corner store in the downtown area on Dec. 27 on a report of a man with a gun causing a disturbance. When they arrived, one man ran from them.

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They chased and apprehended the man, whom they later identified as Thorpe, according to the documents. After the chase, a citizen advised an officer to look under a burgundy vehicle along Thorpe’s flight path. There, they found a baggie with capsules filled with an off-white substance.

When they searched him after the chase, they found only empty capsules.

Thorpe was released that night, but police obtained a search warrant for Thorpe’s DNA in hopes of finding it on the bag that was found under the car. When they went to his apartment on Brook Avenue the next day, they smelled the odor of marijuana coming from Thorpe and placed him in handcuffs, according to the documents. When they searched him, they found a baggie filled with 100 capsules filled with an off-white substance, according to the court documents.

A laboratory analysis found the capsules contained heroin and furanyl fentanyl, according to the court documents.

Witnesses said Thorpe distributes the heroin in the downtown area, according to the court documents. Thorpe declined to provide a statement to police.

The full grand jury report is below:

  • Christopher Arthur Abel — statutory burglary; possession of burglary tools; destruction of property more than $1,000; conspiracy to commit statutory burglary
  • Andrew James Ansel — manufacture marijuana
  • Belinda Artis — identity theft; obtain utility service without payment; computer fraud
  • Kizzy Baker — statutory burglary
  • Thomas Brett Balog — perjury; obstruction of justice
  • Calvin Fleming Beale — child neglect/abuse; abduction
  • Matthew Wayne Bloxom — statutory burglary
  • Hannah Gabrielle Boyce — forgery; uttering; attempt to obtain money by false pretenses
  • Ryan Christopher Boyette — possess Schedule I or II controlled substance
  • William George Bradshaw — grand larceny (6 counts)
  • Alexis Shaaista Brown — possession of Schedule II drug
  • Rayquan Marquis Brown — attempted statutory burglary; conspiracy to commit statutory burglary; forge public records; utter forged public records
  • Marsharon Sade Butler — forge public record
  • Bryan Alan Cadwell — arson of dwelling house; attempted arson of dwelling house
  • Laurie Anne Calhoun — concealment; larceny with intent to sell
  • William Coty Chappell — possession of cocaine
  • Christopher Maurice Coffield — hit and run; drive on suspended license, endangerment
  • Joseph Conroy — perjury; obstruction of justice
  • Lamar Octavious Elliott — third offense larceny; receive/buy stolen goods
  • Ronald Ellis Jr. — aggravated malicious wounding
  • Larry Darrell Ferebee — worthless check
  • Jonathan Dean Grant — forgery (3 counts); identity theft; uttering (2 counts)
  • Patricia Ann Hall — drive while intoxicated after felony drive while intoxicated
  • Ronald Wayne Harrell III — possession of burglary tools; grand larceny; destruction of property
  • Deon Gabriell Holloway — hit and run, property damage
  • Crystal Bernette Huggins — forgery; uttering; attempt to obtain money by false pretenses
  • Donald Lloyd Mabry — malicious wounding
  • Mary Ethel Miles — defraud innkeeper
  • Abdul Al Sabur Parker — drive while intoxicated, third or subsequent offense
  • Breon Lesha Powell — assault and battery of family member, third or subsequent offense
  • Samuel Henry Rosenthal — perjury; obstruction of justice
  • Cody Allen Seibert — grand larceny; unauthorized use of motor vehicle
  • Timothy Joe Shelton — felon possess ammo; possession of marijuana
  • Robert Todd Smith — perjury; obstruction of justice
  • Sonya Latrice Stevenson — aggravated malicious wounding; shoot, stab, cut or wound
  • Quentonio Deondra Thomas — grand larceny (2 counts); possess Schedule I or II controlled substance
  • Ernest Semaj Thorpe III — possession of heroin with intent to distribute (2 counts); possession of furanyl fentanyl with intent to distribute
  • Ellis Lee Trevathan — statutory burglary (5 counts); grand larceny (2 counts); conspiracy to commit grand larceny; conspiracy to commit statutory burglary (4 counts); possession of burglary tools (3 counts); destruction of property with intent; larceny with intent to sell
  • Kayla Marie Whitley — statutory burglary; grand larceny
  • Raqwon Lamar Wiggins — statutory burglary
  • David Justin Wilkins — possession of heroin; possession of cocaine
  • Daylan Wilkins — statutory burglary (2 counts); grand larceny
  • Arleen Wray — third offense larceny