A poem for Memorial Day

Published 8:05 pm Saturday, May 27, 2017

I’ve been around a few years
And some of them were rough,
But I think you’ll agree with me
The rough years made me tough.
It was an humble beginning,
When Molly worked on me,
I was a thing of beauty
For all the town to see.
I have been to battle around
the world and here
On warships and airplanes —
To some a thing of beauty
And some a thing of fear.
Children are taught to honor me
In school and at parades
I fly at churches and the post office
And where the veterans rest in their graves.
I have a day to honor me —
I think it is in June —
And imagine my surprise when
I went to the moon.
You can spit on me;
That hurts and makes me sad.
And after all of this I think I can brag
You are right, I am the American flag!
~ Jeanne Banks

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