Alphin is the leader we need

Published 6:46 pm Saturday, June 3, 2017

To the editor:

Rex Alphin is a third-generation farmer, successful businessman and a loving husband and father.

When I was considering starting a church in Isle of Wight County, Rex was the first person to welcome me and share insights that influenced me to come to this area.

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Through the many years I have known Rex, he has demonstrated the character and competence that it takes to be a great leader.

Rex understands the needs and concerns of the people of the 64th House of Delegates District. Rex is a true Republican, pro-life, pro-second amendment and a man of integrity who would represent our district well.

Rex has a proven track record and experience to lead, having served in Isle of Wight governance for many years on the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.

Rex is the only candidate for this seat who has run three businesses in the district and has local governing experience.

The 64th District will be best served by electing Rex Alphin to represent us.

Please join me in voting for Rex Alphin for the 64th House of Delegates District on June 13 in the Republican primary.

John Hunter