Alphin not beholden to ‘establishment’

Published 8:25 pm Monday, June 5, 2017

To the editor:

Rex Alphin is a candidate for the 64th District House of Delegates District seat.

I grew up in the same neighborhood as Rex and have known his family for many years. I know them all to be honest, upstanding members of the community, but that in itself, as anyone that knows me will tell you, would never cause me to support him to represent all the citizens in the 64th House District.

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I have many people that I know, respect and love that I could not support for that position, because they are not qualified. As the representative for our area, the delegate for the 64th District seat is a critical position for us, the citizens of that district.

After observing Rex Alphin perform in several public service positions over the years, I know beyond any doubt he is very well qualified to be the delegate representing the 64th District.

I have seen several criticisms of him in the press in the past few weeks. Some have come from the “establishment” Republicans in the state who support his opponent. They obviously want another of their establishment class to represent the 64th District.

What I want is a conservative, but one that can independently represent and do what is right for the citizens and not be obligated to tow the party line, right or wrong, because the “establishment” demands it.

He has been criticized for voting to raise taxes. He was part of a unanimous vote by all members of the Isle of Wight County Board of Supervisors, because the county was placed in a horrible financial position by a previous Board of Supervisors.

When faced with shutting down or severely cutting essential services, even the most well-known tax-opposed citizens like myself were forced to agree they had no choice.

I know of no one better suited for this position, and it would be a very interesting experiment for the citizens of the 64th District. Can a truly honest conservative, who is not obligated to the party establishment, be successful in Richmond?

If Rex Alphin is our candidate, we will see. June 13, 2017, is a very important date. Get out and vote.

Volpe Boykin