Brewer ‘will be fiscally responsible’

Published 9:01 pm Wednesday, June 7, 2017

To the editor:

I have no reservations when it comes to supporting great conservative candidates, and Emily Brewer is one of them. I am glad to support her for Delegate of the 64th District.

We had the good fortune of gaining the majority in the House of Delegates during my time as governor and have continued to hold that majority. It is because of people like Emily that this is possible.

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It is more than just holding the numbers for a majority. We need good, quality people that offer good legislation and tackle the issues. We have to focus on issues like job growth and create real opportunities for regular people.

That is why Emily Brewer would make a great member of the House of Delegates; she can do just that.

During my tenure as the governor of Virginia, I proudly cut taxes, and I know that Emily will fight to keep your taxes low, as well. In Richmond, I know Emily will be a fiscally responsible delegate who keeps the government out of your pocket by voting against overreaching tax increases.

I am proud to support Emily Brewer for Delegate in the Republican primary on June 13 and I hope you will, too.

Jim Gilmore

Former governor of Virginia