Party should not ‘blindly follow’ Trump

Published 9:22 pm Thursday, June 8, 2017

To the editor:

President Trump hates former President Obama very much, or he hates the fact that an African-American Democrat achieved what Obama did.

I am a senior citizen, and I have seen many presidents take over power from a president of a different party, but I have never seen a president work as hard as Trump is working to destroy everything the former president did — even though Trump’s actions are harmful to America.

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To determine how good a job Obama did, one need only look at America in 2008, when he became president, and in 2016, when he stepped down.

In 2008, we were heading toward another depression. The economy was down, the auto industry was down, unemployment was high, and prospects for improvement were bad.

Conditions have completely changed, even though the Republican Party tried to block President Obama at every turn.

It was obvious Trump was going to pull out of the Paris climate accord, because he knew Obama had been a part of it. He knows that scientific evidence supported the agreement. The agreement was needed and would have helped America, and the reasons Trump gave for pulling out of it were false.

When President Obama first took office, Trump wanted to have him impeached, saying he was not born in America and, therefore, could not be president. Trump was proved wrong beyond a reasonable doubt.

America is a country of checks and balances, and the Republicans in Congress need to develop the backbone to stop this man from further damaging our country, rather than blindly following him when he is wrong.

Albert Jones Jr.