Girls learn STEM lessons at OBX

Published 9:28 pm Saturday, June 10, 2017

Nearly 100 Girl Scouts took part in a day of fun and learning under the sun in May during a STEM Fun Day — a science, technology, engineering and math event at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head.

The day was designed to teach girls about marine life, ecosystems and energy through hands-on experiences at the beach.

Girls learned casting and reeling skills while they fished from the pier, as well as proper catch-and-release techniques. At the other end of the pier near the parking lot, girls put their STEM abilities to the test as they raced the solar powered cars that they had built.

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Inside the program center, girls learned about ocean currents through a density experiment. Each girl tested ocean, brackish and fresh water for density. They then mixed the waters from three different sources and made observations about what happens when the waters interact.

”It was very exciting to host the Girl Scouts for STEM Fun Day at Jennette’s Pier,” Christin Brown, education curator at Jennette’s Pier said. “It is always great to work with young girls who are the next generation of female leaders.”

In today’s world, women hold only about 25 percent of STEM careers. According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, 82 percent of girls see themselves as smart enough to have a career in STEM, but only 13 percent say it is their first choice.

Girl Scouts is working with community partners, such as Jennette’s Pier, to give girls access to fun, hands-on and engaging ways to explore the STEM fields.

This summer, Girl Scout camps across the region will offer STEM activities. In the fall, Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast, in partnership with Norfolk State University, will host Science Alive.