The fight for reality

Published 10:15 pm Friday, June 16, 2017

By Rev. Dr. Chris Surber

On the canvas of surety of the nonexistence of God, under the light of the assumed fact of evolutionary biology, and in the gallery of secularism, the architects of society engineer modern thinking. They do so in the artistic style of the absurd. Their cruel poetry is that of nihilism. Nothing matters.

Crueler still, nothing matters unless it matters to them. Intellectually penniless philosophers, unschooled educators, and kowtowing politicians alike, affirm the reasonableness of insane notions, passing the same as law, even as they pass them off as common sense.

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Though it is not in vogue to say so, no parent is supporting their child who allows him or her to confuse reality and fancy so far as to mutilate their body with a sex change operation. Parent, that isn’t support of your child. It is the cruelest form of indulgence, from which that child’s spirit and psyche may never return.

The fight for cross-gender equality in our land has crossed the line from respect for all persons to the degradation of the very notion of personhood. Though it is but one of a thousand examples of our collective madness.

In casting aside the notion of a creator, the created being has made himself, his five senses, his interests and his perceived well-being the center of all things. Consequently, man now has little basis for which to know reality and, as a result, to know himself.

Man has excluded those aspects of reality which are beyond him. He is an explorer marking time marching in the direction of his own reflection in a mirror. He points to his own visage, claiming to have discovered something.

In 1976, in his book “How Should We Then Live?,” Francis Schaeffer wrote, “Modern science put aside the epistemological base of early science — this early base being that, because the world was created by a reasonable God, man can find out about the universe by reason.” When we can only trust ourselves, science becomes our god and the scientist our priest. The public educator is handmaiden in the temple courts of secular reason and government becomes our guide to the world and our only hope for a savior from the problems plaguing it. God help us.

In today’s landscape of thought, if it cannot be proven in a test-tube, laboratory or in the realm of psychological dogma, it is not knowledge.

The fight of the day is not between science and faith. It is a fight for reality. Having removed God from the quest for knowledge, man has sullied his path with the slippery oil of his own pride. His pursuit has become a pursuit of self. He is a dog chasing his tail who is equally shocked at his lack of progress and at the pain each time he bites it.

G.K. Chesterton said, “Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions.” The philosophical battle of the day is not one of politics or even of religious truth. It goes beyond that. The battle today is for reality itself.

The Rev. Dr. Chris Surber is the pastor at Liberty Spring Christian Church. Email him at