Share something good

Published 10:15 pm Monday, June 19, 2017

We absolutely love the Suffolk Public Library’s plan for using members of the community to teach free classes in a variety of subjects this year.

The “Free Skool” program, which we’d love to think will include a class on spelling, will take advantage of the city’s richest resource — its people — to help educate participants in everything from yo-yo tricks and techniques to mortgages and lending to a variety of artistic styles.

Best of all, as the name suggests, the classes will be free.

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We have always been amazed at the variety and depth of talent Suffolk can boast, and the Free Skool program will plumb the depths of that talent, while offering participants a low-stress way of learning new skills.

A bonus will be the opportunity for more people to discover the wide variety of programs and opportunities the library system offers. The modern library is no longer simply a place to check out books, though there are still plenty of good reads to be had there. Visitors to the library these days might be just as interested in the free Internet access, the chance to check out movies and music, the various programs that encourage folks to get to know others with similar interests and — as with Free Skool — the chance to pick up new interests.

The first “Free Skool” night will be held at North Suffolk Library on June 22 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Visit for more information.

Get out and learn something new. Or share something that you know well. Either way, you’ll be doing something good for yourself and for Suffolk.