Land Transfers for June 16-22

Published 3:44 pm Saturday, June 24, 2017

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

June 16 – 22

Innocensia Salazar to Southern Trust Mortgage LLC; 227 N. Saratoga St.; $224,411.23

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Southern Trust Mortgage LLC to Secretary of Veteran Affairs; 227 N. Saratoga St.; $10

CMH Homes Inc. to Angela Baines; 186 Brown Lane; $276,000

ECCDH LLC to Christopher Smith; 8941 River Crescent; $324,000

Justin Gilday to Jacob Concienne; 906 Pennsylvania Ave.; $206,800

Jerry Billings to Jacob Ching Kuang Kay; 4539 Starcher Court; $482,000

Hathaway Homes Inc. to Jennifer Bowman-Forbes; 241 Wexford Drive; $151,000

Horace Sawyer Jr. to Linda Midgett; 1309 Baltic St.; $150,000

Jerome Brooks to Nathan Hebert; 133 Eagle Lane; $270,000

David L. Harris to Billy Scott; 784-A Bennett’s Meadow Lane; $217,000

Andrew Holwick to Pamela Foster; 911 C. Vineyard Place; $298,500

Scott Love to David Flanagan; 109 Mistral Terrace; $280,000

Monte Crowl to Henry Strickland; 6540 Ferry Point Road; $640,000

Jeremy Gephart to Charles Busch; 1815 Mountainside Ave.; $230,000

Clarence Brooks, Special Commissioner, to LWS Lawn Service LLC; 755 Oxford St.; $11,000

Clarence Brooks, Special Commissioner, to Leotis Williams; 757 Oxford St.; $12,000

Clarence Brooks, Special Commissioner, to Treyvel Manning; 749 Oxford St.; $18,000

Bertrand Green to WDG Enterprises LLC; n/a; $107,597

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Robert Pope; 2524 Whaleyville Blvd.; $161,700

Gwendolyn Bethea to Hastings and Sons’ LLC; 10 Brown Lane; $10,500

William Flythe Jr. to Leon Jones; 619 Railroad Ave.; $49,200

Harbour View Limited Partnership to ABC Custom Homes LLC; 9514 North River Drive; $239,900

William Gordon to Joshua Porter; 7678 Harvest Drive; $240,000

Daniels Construction Corporation to Mark Dawley; 4253 Pughsville Road; $269,000

James Worrell to Robert Gardner Jr.; 1044 Kingsdale Road; $315,000

Christopher Morgan to Ashley Crocker; 1225 Woods Edge Circle; $185,000

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Terrell Carmouche; 1003 Raven Hill Road; $350,000

Randolph McCarter to Hillary Smith; 825 Normandy Drive; $342,200

BCS Homes LLC to Yola Francois; 201 Markham St.; $351,995

Lauren Lindsay Ruth Properties I LLC to City of Suffolk; 1931 Holland Road; $350,000

Elemer Swilley to William Major Sr.; 129 Mallard Drive; $169,000

Rodney Carter to Thomas Weatherford; 3615 Blue Stem Court; $500,000

Michael Tincher to Cynthia Gause; 5021 Huntclub Chase; $252,000

Todd Colliflower to Jennifer Souza; 7619 Elwood Road; $270,000

Charles Gates to Bill Worthen Jr.; 5087 Kelso St.; $278,500

Thomas Weatherford to Justin GIlday; 138 Brittany Lane; $320,000

Jo Ann Hogan to Jerry Moore; 811 E. Riverview Drive; $277,000

Randall Cook, executor, to Mark Routten; 2629 South Nansemond Drive; $299,000

Roland Rivera to William Drewery; 1302 Mill Lane Quarter; $305,000

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; 129 Patriots Walke Drive; $88,500

Moore’s Pointe LLC to NVR Inc.; 3046 Dabney Lane; $348,000

George Boykins Jr. to Melissa Mack; 503 Chisholm Lane; $130,000

Ainslie Group Inc. to ABT Custom Homes LLC; 6102 Gardenbrook Place; $80,000

Robert Hiles to Brian Brown; 5031 Carolina Road; $225,000

Charlene Russell to Helen Carson; 501 Constance Woods Drive; $170,000

Elmer Jordan Jr. to Supreme Developments LLC; 1211 Truman Road; $73,500

Jacob Brandon to Supreme Developments LLC; 218 Holbrook Arch; $265,000

David Pipkorn to Justin Stanley; 2809 Heritage Drive; $229,900

William Mitchell III to CMH Homes Inc.; 2488 Skeetertown Road; $20,000

NVR Inc. to Andres Rivera; 138 Patriots Walke Drive; $345,059

Cedar Homes LLC to Thomas Page; 117 Dunbar Drive; $205,000

Cynthia Phelps to Kathy Gardner; 297 Kingsdale Road; $210,000

Jerry Harcum to Derek Pitre; 5815 Knotts Neck Road; $215,000

James Edwards to James Yunker; 5320 Quaker Drive; $411,100

Trevor Macmillan to Rayvaughn Hines; 262 Wexford Drive; $132,000