SOL Academy will help many

Published 10:05 pm Tuesday, July 18, 2017

To the editor:

The concept that victory in the early years of education leads to success in the later years of life is a bit of an exaggeration.

The ninth grade can tell a lot about a person, but whether one will have success later in life is not one of them. Situations vary from one student to another, and that, too, can influence accomplishments and future prosperity.

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There are many studies out today saying different things, but suggesting that by grade nine one would have the knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation to be certain of earning a high school diploma is not a foregone conclusion.

Passing a course but being unsuccessful in moving past the Standards of Learning test can be discouraging. This can also be a reason some students abort their education before graduation.

The Suffolk SOL Academy will be a great tool to help students overcome those challenges and move forward. Allowing a student to obtain credit will be a great incentive. This should be a confidence-booster to help them be successful on the next attempt.

Thanks to all the dedicated parents, teachers and students who are determined to avoid the bumps in the road that hinder their education and hinder their success later life.

Natasha Ross