Get refilled and get back to it

Published 9:09 pm Wednesday, July 26, 2017

By Domenick Epps

Mark 8:2-3 speaks of the nature of Jesus, whose compassionate heart caused him to care for others above himself.

In the passage, he thinks about the multitude that has been with him for three days without eating. His agenda is set to feed them. Yes, he could have called for manna and chicken to fall out of the sky, but he fed them by what seemed to be an unorthodox manner.

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It kind of reminds me of when I would go to the gas station a few years back, knowing I had insufficient funds, but praying the card would work just so I could get gas. When it did, I filled my tank, still knowing an overdraft fee would accompany the gas charge.

What looked to be not enough in the eyes of man was more than enough. For the thousands of people present with Jesus, two fish and five loaves of bread would have been a teaser. But it was enough not just to feed them, but to provide leftovers as he took, gave thanks, broke the bread and gave it to the multitude.

Some are focusing on the journey that’s left to be traveled, and not just on the journey but on all the energy they have burnt along the way. They feel they don’t have much left to go any further.

Those people are focusing more on what they think they need, instead of realizing the blessing of what they have. Please know that God sees and God knows all.

He knows that in order for you to go any further, you are going to have to eat. But this meal is going to require for you to sit down, be still and to allow yourself to be served.

Stop serving out of an empty vessel and allow God to pour back into you. A fresh refilling is all you need, but to be refilled you must humble yourself and allow the disciple whom God has sent into your life to do so.

What you have is more important than what or who left. You didn’t start the journey just to abort the mission.

Get refilled and get back to doing what you do best. God bless.

Domenick Epps is a Suffolk resident, real estate agent and youth pastor. Email him at