Sting enjoy exciting season

Published 9:54 pm Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Virginia Sting Fastpitch softball 18U team enjoyed a season that saw it take home gold in the Commonwealth Games.

The travel season is officially over for the 18U group for the Sting. Some girls will now go off to college, and others will prepare for fall ball seasons with the organization or their respective schools. The Sting is based out of Suffolk and enjoyed an incredible season.

From a win-loss perspective, the Sting went 37-8-2. One of their biggest accomplishments came a couple of weeks ago, when the Sting traveled up to Liberty University to play in the Virginia Commonwealth Games. The ladies went up there and went 7-0, taking home the championship.

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Sting coach Scott Haley was proud of how his team performed. The Sting is always focusing on ways to get their players looks from colleges. Most of the time, the Sting don’t typically end up in championship-level play that usually brings home gold medals. The gold medal for the Sting most of the time is getting to hear from college coaches.

“Some of these girls hadn’t experienced something to this magnitude,” Haley said. “For us, the whole experience was pretty fulfilling. Not only did we get a gold medal, but we also got four or five girls on radars in front of college coaches. So, it was a double win for the program and for the girls.”

“It was an amazing experience,” Lauryn “Peanut” Bailey said. “To play on a college field and show what kind of talent we had in front of everyone there was unforgettable.”

Haley also admits that the tournament was one of the proudest moments he had experienced in some time. The ladies have worked hard all season and have attacked the ball on offense and defense. In the seven games the Sting played, they allowed fewer than 10 runs.

The 37 wins equal a record-setting summer for the Sting organization. This season, the lowest the Sting has finished in a tournament was fifth.

“All this is a testament to the kids,” Haley said. “When you’re playing in all of that heat and are playing back to back to back, these girls can get worn down. The nutrition and hydration and everything we preach in our program pays huge dividends.”

With the play from the ladies and the support of family, friends and coaches of the Sting organization enjoyed this season.

“It’s like one big family that supports each other,” Haley said. “When you have that type of environment, it turns into fun. The kids cheer for each other, and we keep it fun in the dugout. You got to keep it fun. If you can’t keep it fun for the kids, they won’t perform well. This is their summer. It’s not all about business all day every day. Have fun.”