Two holes in one at Cedar Point

Published 6:51 pm Saturday, August 5, 2017

Two golfers sunk holes in one at Cedar Point Country Club last month.

Robert Armstrong struck first on July 11, and Mary Lawrence Harrell followed up on July 25.

Harrell’s came on hole 12 while using an 8-iron from 89 yards. Armstrong’s came on hole nine while using a 5-iron from 151 yards. At the beginning of the year, Cedar Point had another instance where two people aced a hole within two days of each other.

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“It is a pretty significant achievement when you can get one of those,” Cedar Point Assistant Golf Professional Phillip Bishop said. “No matter what level of golf you play, that’s a thing a lot of people dream of. Even the best golfers don’t achieve one in their lifetime. It is a fun and fulfilling thing to achieve and witness. Congrats to those two for being able to accomplish something amazing.”