Police reports for Aug. 4-6

Published 10:19 pm Monday, August 7, 2017

The following information comes directly from the City of Suffolk Department of Media and Community Relations. It should be noted that a criminal charge is only an accusation and does not indicate a conviction has or will be attained nor that the party listed in the arrest report is guilty of the crime listed.

August 4


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Uttering, West Washington Street

Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories, Amberly Circle

Simple domestic assault, Causey Avenue

Possession of marijuana, East Pinner Street

Assault a police officer, North Main Street

Assault police a officer, Godwin Boulevard

Out-of-state fugitive, North Main Street

Hit and run, Wilroy Road and Route 58

Hit and run, Carolina Road

Grand larceny, East Washington Street

Theft from a motor vehicle, Millstone Court

Destruction of property, Wood Creek Court

Hit and run, South 6th Street

Larceny – shoplifting, College Drive

Stalking, James Point Court

Theft from a motor vehicle, Meridian Obici Way

Destruction of property, Stoney Ridge Avenue

Vandalism of private property, Holland Road

Hit and run, College Drive

Grand larceny, North Main Street

Grand larceny, Holy Neck Road

Theft from a motor vehicle, Sandy Spring Lane

Strong-armed robbery, Bosley Avenue and West Washington Street

Possession of heroin, North Main Street

Vandalism of private property, Baker Street

Breaking and entering into a residence, Earl Court

Grand larceny, College Drive

Throwing missiles at an occupied dwelling, Baker Street

Simple domestic assault, Kristen Lane

Simple domestic assault, Cedar Street

Theft from a motor vehicle, Wood Creek Court

Liquor law violations, Columbus Avenue


John Roland Ellison, 47, possession of marijuana (M)

Olivia Cowart, 22, driving under the influence of alcohol (M)

Connie Burnette Scott, 48, fugitive from justice (F)

Hussam Al Deen Hallak, 37, hit and run of an unattended vehicle (M)

Christopher Darnell Ormsby, 33, assault and battery of a police officer or firefighter (F)

Shatier Shalee Lawarence, 25, grand larceny (F)

Tanzana Dwanika Hudges, 19, grand larceny (F)

Ja’Qwan Marquis Burden, 20, contempt of court (M)

Leila Deneen Drayton, 52, contempt court (M)

Ronda Dianelle Moore, 26, contempt of court (M)

Lauren Raven Outland, 24, conspire to commit larceny of $200 or more (F)

Tyreese D’Andrae Darden, 25, breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony (F)

Caroline Hope Smith, 48, concealment, price alter of merchandise valued at less than $200 (M)

Calvin Coolidge James, 60, following too closely (M)

David Orlando Davis, 42, trespassing (M)

Rodney Lee Jackson, 24, grand larceny (F)

Rodney Daniels, 59, contempt of court (M)

Barbara Thomas Joyner, 51, illegal sale of alcoholic beverages (M)

Vandorea Lavenya Rouse, 50, revocation of suspended sentence (F)

Antonio Deshown Scott, 26, violation of leash law (M)

Larry Walker, 33, driving under the influence of alcohol (M)

Datra Latay Mayers, 18, assault and battery of a family member (M)

Brian Edward Slone, 29, revocation of suspended sentence (F)

Leonidas Cutchins, 18, threatening phone calls (M)

August 5


Resisting arrests, Hall Avenue and South Main Street

Natural death, River Inlet Road

Drugs – narcotics offenses, Lance Court

Vandalism of private property, North Capital Street

Identity theft, East Washington Street

Grand larceny, Kennet Drive

Abandoned vehicle, Dutchess Way

Motor vehicle theft, Indian Trail

Destruction of property, Baker Street

Possession of marijuana, Silver Charm Circle

Tampering with an ATM, Portsmouth Boulevard

Simple assault, East Washington Street

Grand larceny, Carolina Road

Possession of heroin, Cherry Grove Road North

Simple domestic assault, Pitchkettle Road

Possession, sale or distribution of drug paraphernalia, North Main Street

Animal bite, Bridlepath Lane

Simple domestic assault, Custis Road

Lost or stolen property, Peachtree Drive

Lost or stolen property, Kensington Boulevard

Simple assault, Nansemond Parkway

Embezzlement, North Main Street

Sexual battery, location withheld

Possession of marijuana, Granby Street and South Saratoga Street


Kameron Eric Burnor, 20, driving under the influence of alcohol (M)

Trenton Lee Pace, 21, driving under the influence of alcohol (M)

John Dontrel Harris, 26, resisting lawful arrest (M)

Andrew Leon Pruitt, 27, assault and battery of a family member (M)

Anna Evelyn Kinsey, 18, embezzlement of $200 or more (F)

Carlitos Jewon Brooks, 40, assault and battery of a family member (M)

Willie Casper Green, 45, possession of marijuana (M)

Samuel Terrill Norfleet, 25, driving under the influence of alcohol (M)

Renee Grisham, 51, possession of marijuana (M)

Stephen Brian Shaver, 44, leash law violation (M)

Jerlean Wiggins Brown, 64, public intoxication (M)

Leroy Douglas, 35, driving after forfeiture of license (M)

Willie Casper Green, 45, revocation of suspended sentence (F)

August 6


Motor vehicle theft, College Drive

Credit card/ATM fraud, Pittmantown Road

Petit larceny, Pughsville Road

Simple assault, Greenfield Crescent

Natural death, Cypress Chapel Road

Hit and run, Fuller Street

Destruction of property, North 4th Street

Simple domestic assault, Linden Avenue

Breaking and entering into a residence, Woodrow Avenue

Grand larceny, Progress Road

Simple assault, Babbtown Road

Simple domestic assault, River Club Road

Grand larceny, College Drive

Destruction of property, Freeney Avenue

Grand larceny, Desert Road

Kidnapping, River Club Drive


Taiwan Shavell Walker, 42, driving under the influence of alcohol (M)

Derrick Woods, 29, simple assault and battery (M)

Scott Theodus Boone, 52, assault and battery of a family member – third offense (F)

Ryan Dellon Lorimer, 32, abduction and kidnapping (F)

Shayna Walters Cobb, 39, strangle another causing wounding or injury (F)

M – Misdemeanor

F – Felony