Land Transfers for Aug. 4- Aug. 10

Published 7:17 pm Saturday, August 12, 2017

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

August 4 – 10


Sandra Shepard to John Shepard; 9897 S. Quay Road; $214,700

Jonathan Ward to Angela Powell; 105 Integra Court; $235,000

Stephanie Stephens to Joseph Cashwell; 166 Greenfield Crescent; $91,300

Doris Meacham to Graves Financial Services LLC; 217 Pearl St.; $57,700

Delbert Donovan to Kerry Achatz; 3013 Carolina Road; $252,000

Leah Sag to Robert Pell; 5021 Kelso St.; $287,500

Terry/Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Xina Joseph; 6717 Hampton Roads Parkway; $227,940

Star Creek LLC to Reginald Hudson; 4007 Evan Circle; $569,000

Chad Gray to Charlene Russell; 120 Byrd St.; $187,000

Lemmon LLC to City of Suffolk; n/a; $357,500

Ginger Coco to Catherine Julian; 213 River Point Drive; $125,900

Felicia Beedie to Terrel Smith; 3007 W. Driver Station Way; $279,900

Jackson Sailor to Komla Sapey; 1217 Woods Edge Circle; $205,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Cedar Homes LLC; 1412 Falcon St.; $205,100

Carlos Manning to Matthew Hildreth; 2114 Piedmont Road; $349,100

Michael Frazier to Frank Stepp Jr.; 205 Millwheel Court; $185,000

Matthew Peppers to Travis Randall; 307 Berry Ridge Lane; $350,000

Bridgeway Limited Partnership to Ore Builders LLC; 3398 Village Drive; $152,500

Raymond Campbell to Zachary Mills; 6201 Pelican View Court; $268,000

Marva Milteer to Ryan Hill; 9279 Southwestern Blvd.; $153,900

Jacob Raschdorf to Juan Garcia-Perez; 204 Red Duck Circle; $265,000

Robert McCarty to Eddie Creekmore; 1259 Murphy’s Mill Road; $627,000

Southwestern Virginia Properties to Adam Zydron; Cherry Hill Road; $290,000

Samuel Howell to Michael Carter; 4000 Godwin Blvd.; $480,000

Leite Group LLC to John Lawrence; 135 Ashford Drive; $234,000

Aron Porter Sr. to James Steverson; 4000 Breezeport Way; $373,000

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Mario Theus; 4009 Ravine Gap Drive; $319,900

Michael Kishbaugh to Zachary Mossman; 6101 Amberly Circle; $271,000

Triet Khuu to Robin Curry; 158 Majestic Drive; $160,700

Plus Tax Services LLC to Financial Real Estate Solutions; 404 S. Division Road; $47,000

RWB Properties LLC to Victoria Baker; 1605 E. Washington St.; $54,000

Alisha McElhaney to Mandi Sheline; 2708 Adderly Place; $289,000

Jennifer Ottino to Suzanne King; 3051 Bay Shore Lane; $284,900

Darrien Matthews to Kevin Boutillier; 2008 Redgate Drive; $285,000

Vanessa Christensen to Jacob Barnes; 3012 Bay Shore Lane; $260,000

N & B Land Company LLC to Gary Ables; 2023 Cassidy Court; $124,000

Troy Myers to Adam Alphin; 201 Linden Ave.; $382,000

Manning McCutchen to Koren Goodman; 1917 Nansemond Parkway; $80,000

Suffolk Broadcasting Corporation to Supreme Petroleum Inc.; 1523 N. Main St.; $455,000

Barbara Armstrong to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; One acre; $162.50

Lovoil Tillery to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; One acre; $162.50

Tomasina Tillery to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; One acre; $162.50

Milton Tillery to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; One acre; $162.50

Barry Williams to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; One acre; $162.50

Daryl Williams to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; One acre; $162.50

Karen Williams to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; One acre; $162.50

Ryan Haag to Richard Defreeuw; 224 Equinox Landing; $249,000

Classics 3 Group LLC to David Touranjo; 1000 Indian Point Road; $349,777

Secretary of Veteran Affairs to Amanda Wettstein; 3022 Elmore Circle; $311,600

Doressa Crumble to MIBI International LLC; 240 Gloucester St.; $8,000

Damiano Pettaway to Johnny Vo; 6041 Old College Square Drive; $60,000

Charles Crawford to Wells Fargo Bank; 111 Brewer Ave.; $114,618.10