Hypocrisy over slavery

Published 9:35 pm Saturday, August 19, 2017

To the editor:

It was the Democrat Party that supported slavery prior to, during and well after the Civil War in America. Sen. Robert Byrd, a staunch Democrat, led and fully supported the KKK for years before he was forced by re-election concerns to change his colors.

It was Abe Lincoln, a Republican, who abolished slavery in America except for what little of it was left and still supported by democrats in a fading Confederacy.

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Today’s Democrat Party is a total disgrace to America., as it collapses without a purpose or any sign of adult intelligent leadership. Its focus is solely to ignore and to deny the rightful and lawful election of a president per our long-standing American election process. Their total focus is based upon pure hatred of Trump and what he stands for. Their meager single battle plan is to lie, to cheat and to steal as necessary to resist Trump’s stated goals to Make America Great Again.

The Democrat Party is supporting anarchy in our USA by dishonestly funding and supporting illegal actions by young Americans that do not have a clue or seemingly any respect for our USA as a nation of laws, which has earned her greatness via our many historical accomplishments, as the best and most exceptional nation in the history of the world. The path to that greatness, since 1776, involved mostly positive actions that we should be proud of, but a few that today seem to have been so wrong, a mistake, a bump in the road, like slavery which the Democrats fully supported for so many years. Yet they place the blame elsewhere. That defines hypocrisy.

Ron Pyle