Meals on Wheels honors volunteers

Published 8:56 pm Tuesday, September 12, 2017

People who spend much of their time serving others had the tables turned on them last Thursday.

Suffolk Meals on Wheels honored its volunteers with a dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn Suffolk Riverfront. About 160 people attended, and those with a milestone year of service received special recognition and were awarded pins.

“We really have good standing in the community, and it’s because of all of you,” Executive Director Roseland Worrell told the volunteers during the dinner. “I’m very blessed to know all of you.”

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People who receive meals get two meals, including two beverages, Monday through Friday each week. Special diets, such as low-sodium, heart-healthy or pureed food, are available.

The meals and drinks are delivered by hundreds of dedicated volunteers, most in their personal vehicles. Some volunteers work once a month, while others do so multiple times a week.

“Meals on Wheels is one of the best groups in our city,” said Stan Perry, who was recognized as a 20-year volunteer. “We take care of a lot of people that are unable to take care of themselves.”

Lynn Barlow was the only 25-year volunteer to be recognized last week.

“You meet some delightful people,” she said. “Sometimes, we are the only people they see all day.”

Volunteer Ellnor Horton will turn 100 years old on Nov. 1. He couldn’t remember how long he has been volunteering for Meals on Wheels, but it’s been “a good while,” he said. He added that volunteering helps him “keep on going.”

Visit for more information. The list of those honored last week for milestone years of volunteerism is as follows:

1 Year — Marsha Atwood, William Blake, Robert Boyce, Linda Carr, Morgan Carr, Holly Crute, Antheus Hebert, Nina Hebert, Deborah Nadell, Irvin Jenkins, D. Kelly, Garland Moody, Kate Morning, Scott Veselicky, Marianna Friend, Debra Lock, Nancy Foster

5 Years — Jennie Barrett, Carol Ellis, Bill Rissell, Donald Worrell, Thomas Woodward III, Anne Henderson, Bert Henderson, Connie Yow, John Yow, Joyce Mabe, Meredith Russell

10 Years — Ann Lamb, Oscar Lamb, Suzanne Galbreath, Jane Schaubach, Carol Morris, George Tucker, Don Williams

15 Years — Gary Baker, Ron Michalczyk, Jimmie Copeland, Betty Hardy, Clarence Johnson, Charles Foster, Marion Hines, Thomas Hines, Jim Culliton

20 Years — Stan Perry, Michael Halley, Carmen Halley, Fran Duman, Jacque Edwards

25 Years — Lynn Barlow