Your view: How would you like to see Suffolk Public Schools improve?

Published 10:18 pm Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Matt Dobbins, 30, Suffolk

“I don’t have much experience with Suffolk Public Schools, but we have an exchange student this year, and it was difficult trying to get her registered. The counselor was never there, and then when she was, we were assigned to the wrong one. I would like it if that could be easier in the future.”

Ciara Patton, 13, Suffolk

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“I go to John F. Kennedy Middle School. I wish they would let us have phones. Right now, they use phones as a reward after competing projects or quizzes, but I think it would be better if we could just use them when we need to.”

Samantha Nelson, 20, Suffolk

“I went to high school at Lakeland. The teachers were great, and the classes were fine, but I remember there was a lot of mold in the building when I went there. I don’t know if they fixed that yet or not.”

Seth Miller, 17, Suffolk

“I would like Suffolk Public Schools to improve in helping students earn scholarships. Many students have to take out large student loans to be able to pay for college. Helping to spread awareness about scholarships and how to get them could alleviate some financial burden on college students.”