Land Transfers for Sept. 8 – 14

Published 7:32 pm Saturday, September 16, 2017

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Sept. 8 – 14

Federal National Mortgage Association to Nashawn Blankumsee; 3004 Wincanton Cove; $279,000

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Terry Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to Lincoln Blue; 4014 Kingston Parkway; $297,590

Chad Wagner to Rebecca Robinson; 2918 Archers Mill Road; $281,000

Bank of America National Association to First Extended Service Corp; 2452 Meadow Brook Trail; $88,000

BCS Homes LLC to Christopher Bellomy Sr.; 204 Markham St.; $339,395

William Walters Sr. to Par 5 Development Group LLC; 6421 Whaleyville Blvd.; $84,900

Shelby Lowery to Alexander Chrichlow; 912 Delaware Ave.; $209,000

Milton Faulks to Delores Banks; 5632 Plummer Blvd.; $25,900

William Cones Jr. to Bang Properties LLC; 3025 Woodlawn Drive; $115,000

Clyde Lewter Jr., heir, to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 1.2 Acres; $162.50

Marvin Lewter, heir, to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 1.2 Acres; $162.50

Thomas Lewter, heir, to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 1.2 Acres; $162.50

Brandon Simpson to Jeff Dickey; 214 Mineral Spring Road; $214,900

Magdy Sidhom, trustee, to Margaret Eason; 5257 River Club Drive; $1,252,500

NVR Inc. to Johnny Peebles; 3045 Dabney Lane; $280,985

Patsy King to Mack Pittard II; 3664 Indian Trail; $50,000

Anthony Illa to Assertive Investments LLC; 513 Causey Ave.; $16,500

Bridgeway Limited Partnership to Birdsong Builders LLC; 3123 Summerhouse Drive; $177,200

Robert Spellman to Corey Wright; 3402 Dumpling Court; $425,800

Bridgeway Limited Partnership to Terry Reese; 4124 River Park Drive; $180,000

William Saunders, Jr., to Joseph Timko; n/a; $110,000

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Michael Hall; 6024 Newington Place; $243,900

Joel Tise to Scott Couture; 5313 Godwin Blvd; $133,000

Rayshawn Satchell to Anthony Bryant; 1214 Baltic St.; $189,900

Kenneth Strout to Donnell Hassell; 315 W. Constance Road; $252,500

Mid South Investment Holdings to Lloyd Tucker; 553 Osceola Ave.; $205,000

Parker Crossing LLC to Timothy Woodard; 2878 Cross Landing Drive; $425,000

Ruth Hodges to Shunita Harris; 2626 Riddick Drive; $157,500

Perry McMillion Custom Homes LLC to Zachary Hinson; 6308 Old Townpoint Road; $235,000

Elliott Joyner to Flojo Properties LLC; n/a; $125,000

Foster Venturini III to Heather Ginn; 1238 Willowbrook Drive; $245,100

NVR Inc. to Jesse Teal; 3056 Dabney Lane; $245,082

Sandler at Grayston LLC to Elaine Simmons; 4008 Ravine Gap Drive; $362,900

Moores Pointe LLC to NVR Inc.; 204 Cameron Crossing; $238,000

Patrick Adams to Angie Huang; 2010 Jehu St.; $308,000

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Donald Record; 6038 Newington Place; $232,900

Ashley Associates Inc. to Lisa Byrum; 118 Green Spring Drive; $174,500

Mitchell Perry to Takia Willis; 6017 Green Ashe Court; $208,800

Curt Angstadt, trustee, to Triangle East Timber Company Inc.; 1801 Holland Corner Road; $20,000

Ali Itani to Robert Klusman, trustee; 2850 Cross Landing Drive; $304,900

David Mullins to Daniel Holland Jr.; 106 Cottondale Place; $320,000

Mario Palomino to Mark Mitchell-Eure; 5119 Gleneagles Way; $419,500