After hurricanes Harvey and Irma, are you more concerned about hurricanes in Suffolk?

Published 9:49 pm Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Shannon Russell, 40, Franklin

A little bit, especially considering they’re following the same kinds of paths as Floyd and Isabel did. Flooding is what we have to worry about the most here, I think. That took out power for more than a week the last time. We have a generator, so we just make sure that it has enough gas and that we have enough water at the house, just in case it does go out.

Chuck Goldsmith, 72, Suffolk

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We’ve been keeping up with NOAA, so we’re not concerned with it. We’ve been in this area for 50 years, and we always watch NOAA. But we were concerned with (hurricanes) for a while, especially since my wife’s name is Irma.

Jacquelyn Eley, 38, Suffolk

Yes, because they seem to be a lot worse with the wind, flooding and damages to people’s houses.

Linda Stewart, 52, Suffolk

I was out of power for with 31 days with Hurricane Isabel. When I rebuilt my house, I built it to withstand hurricanes. When I lived in a trailer, I would evacuate the area, but now everyone comes to my house. I learned my lesson from all the other hurricanes.