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Trump hasn’t earned right to criticize

To the editor:

Donald Trump has never been in a class with a lot of black classmates. He has never been on an athletic team with a lot of black teammates. He’s never known a Hispanic person who was not in an “inferior” social position. He has no black friends or Hispanic buddies.

He never served his country in the military (bone spur in the heel?) surrounded by all cultures, classes and religions.

Trump has not earned the right to criticize Colin Kaepernick, who at least has strongly held beliefs, unlike the Donald. I’ll guarantee that Kaepernick has known, loved and suffered with hundreds of white and black teammates through the years.

What is worse is that Trump’s base is of the same ilk as the president: they have no black or Hispanic friends or contacts, no national service, no shared sacrifice and no financial hardships.

The president’s words after the Charlottesville white power rally speak for themselves. He and his base want only to divide the United States into haves and have-nots, not to value racial diversity, common humanity and cultural diversity.

I attended a prep school like Trump and was a year behind him at Penn (’69), so I’m familiar with his upbringing. But I went on to do 10 years in the Army Reserves and taught for 39 years (with hundreds of black and Hispanic colleagues, most of whom I loved and respected).

I taught thousands of wonderful kids of all races, creeds and colors, and they earned my admiration and affection.

We need to cherish our diversity and love our neighbors, not divide to conquer. What happened to the Christian beliefs of the Moral Majority — supporting the poor, the sick and the hungry? Don’t ask Trump or his base.

Biff Andrews