Thanks for — and to — a great First Citizen

Published 9:28 pm Friday, September 29, 2017

To the editor:

On Tuesday, the Rotary Clubs of Suffolk and North Suffolk honored the 2017 Suffolk First Citizen at the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts. Local businessman and philanthropist John C. Harrell was this year’s very-deserving recipient.

On behalf of both Rotary clubs, we most sincerely thank the community for joining us on such a wonderful occasion. With more than 250 celebrants, this year’s Suffolk First Citizen award event was one of the best-attended in recent memory.

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Attendees included several former First Citizens, business leaders, members of the Suffolk City Council and other elected officials, members of both Rotary clubs and John Harrell’s friends and family.

The event was a terrific celebration, as any acquaintance of John’s would have expected.

All proceeds from the First Citizen event will be directed to the charities committees of the Rotary Clubs of Suffolk and North Suffolk to be used in service to our Suffolk community.

To our event sponsors, and everyone who attended, we offer a sincere and hearty “Thank you!” To the Rotary First Citizen committee, congratulations on a job well done. To the entire Suffolk community, please accept our appreciation for your support of this annual event.

And, lastly, and especially, congratulations to John C. Harrell, Suffolk’s 2017 First Citizen!

Win Winslow,

President, Rotary Club of Suffolk


Al Roosendaal,

President, North Suffolk Rotary Club