What is your favorite thing about Peanut Fest?

Published 10:14 pm Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Cynthia Duvall, 30, and Eloise Duvall, Suffolk

It’s something I’m interested in. We’ll be moving next year, so we definitely need to go before we leave. I like the variety of items that are there, and I like the food. I like a lot of things that are spicy, and (Eloise) likes savory and sweet like me, so if there are any garlic-covered peanuts, that’s our jam.


Starlite Lassias, 39, Suffolk

My kids like the rides and seeing all the livestock. Any baby or tiny animals, like the bunnies. And what kid doesn’t like a Ferris wheel? Even a 40-year-old kid likes Ferris wheels.


Brooke Peters, 30, and Camren Cherry, 9, Suffolk

I go for the Peanut City Cloggers. They perform out there, and my cousin Gracie Pierce is on it. It’s awesome. They’re very entertaining and upbeat.


Adria Mason, 38, Suffolk

Honestly, the food. They have a very good selection. They had Jamaican food last year that was good. The drum sticks were a bit pricey, but delicious. I also go for the smoked turkey legs. I have children as well, and they enjoy the rides.