Have fun at Peanut Fest

Published 11:07 pm Thursday, October 5, 2017

After last year’s hurricane-canceled disappointment, it seemed on Thursday that Suffolk was ready for a great Peanut Fest.

Thousands of people turned out for the first day of the city’s biggest annual party, and they were blessed with the perfect fall weather. Sunshine, clear skies and mild temperatures helped fill the parking lots on the old runways at the Suffolk Executive Airport, and the place was buzzing all day with children eager to find their way to the amusement area, parents looking for a bite of carnival eats and people of all ages taking the opportunity to meet friends and spend a gorgeous fall day outside.

If the weather forecast holds, Suffolk could be in store for one of the first rain-free Peanut Fests in memory. (It probably hasn’t been as long as all that, but everyone who loves this event can understand why we’d put it that way.) That’s a big deal for an event that takes as much work and upon which so much revenue depends, both for nonprofit and for-profit partners.

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Peanut Fest is one of the most popular fall carnivals in Virginia, and visitors can see why within minutes of arriving. Of course there are the rides and food that everyone expects. But this event includes great exhibits, vendors offering unusual merchandise, terrific free family entertainment and lots of other things to do.

Your friends will be there. So should you.