Question: What was the last, great book you read?

Published 9:36 pm Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tracy Nichols, 35, and her daughter Chloe Hobbs, 12

“All-of-a-Kind-Family” was the last one I read with my kids. It’s set back in the early years and talks about a family with five daughters, the things they did and how they were raised. They read together, shared rooms. It was fun to see it from that time period, and the simple things they enjoyed, like penny candy.

Stacey Griffin, 43, and her son Nathan Griffin, 4

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“Witch Mama.” It’s about a little girl and her mom, and she acts like a witch at breakfast. We just checked in “Monster Hugs,” where the monsters meet, go to a ball and have battles with construction equipment. Then they really like each other, become friends and give each other hugs.

Carla Robinson, 12

“Hatchet.” It’s about a boy going to visit his dad, and his airplane crashed because the pilot had a heart attack. He had to survive out in the wild with a hatchet and a survival kit. I like how he thought about his surroundings and figured out how to survive in the wild, even though he was so young.

Kristina VanPeeren, 10

I like “Big Nate” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” I like realistic fiction, like something that can happen in real life. If somebody is riding a horse and falls off, that could happen in real life.