Lost companion found

Published 9:32 pm Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A good Samaritan with Suffolk Parks and Recreation reunited a family with its four-legged member that had been missing for more than a week.

Blair, a 1-year-old, purebred Dalmatian, ran out of the Creekmore family residence at 5 a.m. on Oct. 21, along with the family’s husky dog, Bessie Creekmore said. She and her family, who live in the Chuckatuck area, managed to find the husky, but Blair was nowhere to be found.

“It was heartbreaking,” said 19-year-old daughter Jessie Creekmore, who has raised Blair since she was 10-weeks-old. “I cried. It was difficult to sleep. I would go outside and look for her, just waiting for her to come back.”

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The Creekmores posted notices on Facebook that were shared more than 1,000 times, put up more than 100 fliers and drove for hours between Suffolk, Chesapeake and Newport News, Bessie Creekmore said.

She said they visited animal shelters in each city. They stopped by Suffolk churches to post fliers, then spent more time praying.

“I prayed and cried every day,” Bessie Creekmore said. “I feel like all these people in church were praying too.”

Their prayers were answered on Sunday at Lone Star Lakes Park, about two miles from their residence, Bessie Creekmore said.

Park attendant Bob Spain was cutting tree debris that Sunday afternoon when he spotted Blair by the pump station. He recognized the dog from one of the fliers and tried to catch her to get her out of the rain and wind, he said.

“It was hectic,” he said. “You’re trying to catch a dog in the pouring-down rain, and the dog was scared to death.”

Spain called the Creekmores, and the family quickly drove to the park. He stayed further down the road with Bessie Creekmore’s husband in case the dog ran past her and Jessica, who managed to get the dog with the help of the family’s other Dalmatian.

“She was pretty much running from everyone, but once my daughter got there with her other Dalmatian, she came right to her,” Bessie Creekmore said.

The lost-and-found dog had sustained some minor injuries during her eight-day jaunt but was otherwise OK, Jessica Creekmore said. Blair’s now back to enjoying car rides, playing with the other dogs and doing tricks for “momma,” she said.

“That’s my little girl,” she said. “It’s a blessing that she’s back.”

Bessie Creekmore said she was grateful for all the support they received from the community. Most of all, she was grateful for Spain.

“I don’t think we would have gotten our baby back without him,” she said.

She offered Spain a reward, “pie, dinner or something,” she said, but all he asked was for them to make sure the dog was looked after and fed.

“It’s great that they got her,” he said. “That was the best part of the day for me.”