Photo unfairly overlooked some students

Published 9:22 pm Wednesday, November 1, 2017

To the editor:

On Oct. 27, the students at Suffolk Dojo Mount Everest Karate concluded a weeklong training session with the Grand Masters of martial arts.

However, pictured in the photo that ran with the story that appeared in the Suffolk News-Herald about the visit are only the brown belt students who were preparing for their black belt test in March.

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The karate class consists of about 20 students whose belts range anywhere from white to brown. Each student begins as a white belt and then works his or her way up.

The students are taught structure and discipline over the course of three practices a week. Each student must be present and adhere to all rules and guidelines provided to by their sensei.

So why were all the students unable to share this public moment? All the students in the class were able to participate in this amazing opportunity of training with the Grand Masters.

This was an experience that the students will cherish forever. Each student should have been presented equally in the photo to show unity and growth as a class.

Brittany Watkins