Area needs more pet adoption events

Published 11:01 pm Friday, November 3, 2017

To the editor:

As a dog lover, I have noticed a significant increase in stray dogs roaming our area.

This is a serious problem. We must come together as a community and put a halt to this pressing matter. Here is how I propose we do so:

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Suffolk and its surrounding counties host many community fundraisers, festivals and farmers markets. With these activities gaining popularity and bringing in hundreds of people, I think we should add more “Doggy Adoption” events to the list. They could be held every other Saturday at select locations, showcasing the strays, shelter animals and even those animals that families decide that they can no longer provide for.

This would drastically decrease the number of abandoned and homeless animals in the area and give families a chance to welcome a new member to the family at no cost.

Doggy Adoption also would offer people a better alternative to leaving animals on the side of the road by allowing and encouraging them to bring unwanted pets to the events.

The animals would have a fair chance to show off their sweet charm, and be accepted into a new, loving home. We cannot ignore this crisis any longer for it will just continue to escalate.

Lianna Nicole White