Question: Did you vote on Tuesday? Why or why not?

Published 10:32 pm Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Lepolda Simmons, 68, Suffolk

No, I forgot all about it. But I wouldn’t say I wouldn’t vote. It does a lot of help for the people in the community. I think all the people need to get together and vote.


Kalisha Green, 38, Suffolk

Not yet, but I plan to vote. I typically do. I want to see change. Just basically everybody being treated equally. What I hope to see happen is us getting somebody that actually cares about the people, and makes it about the people and not about the politics.


Diane Wash, 60, Suffolk

Yep. I feel motivated (to vote). My husband is retired military, so he’s always like, “you better go vote.” I even got my daughter voting. I’m one of those “don’t complain about something if you’re not going to vote” (people).


Rose Lee, 57, Norfolk

I plan to vote after work. I follow politics and I have certain views, and I always feel like you need to go out and vote for the person that’s closest to your views. It’s your civic duty.