Land Transfers for Oct. 27 – Nov. 9

Published 6:14 pm Saturday, November 11, 2017

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Oct. 27 – Nov. 9

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; 121 Patriots Walke Drive; $177,000

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Shawn Dillman to Nathan Bownas; 131 Nottingham Blvd.; $215,000

Robert Latner to Brandon Thompson; 1732 Airport Road; $203,000

Gerald Lassister Sr. to Robert Fawcett; 926-C Vineyard Place; $295,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Connie Jones; 5207 Bartons Creek Court; $333,000

David Livingston to Rodney Oliver; 333 Tindalls Court; $1,156,4000

Gary Thurman to Francis Jurcik Jr.; 2692 Freeman Mill Road; $193,000

Joseph Malsey to Hampton Roads Holding Company; 1848 Oyster Bay Lane; $215,000

Jonathan Swagerty to Melissa McCammon; 9205 S. Quay Road; $150,000

Shanta Eley to Matthew Manguba; 276 Burnetts Way; $126,700

Chase Dunemann to Bradley Youngs; 104 Chenango Court; $259,900

Jasper Williams Jr. to Blackwater Timber Co. LLC; 3433 Lake Prince Drive; $97,069

Lisa Williams to Blackwater Timber Co. LLC; 4055 Lake Point Road; $6,560

April Garcia to Christian Brown; 1013 Blythewood Lane; $134,500

Tracy Harvey to Timothy Fields Sr.; 2088 Nansemond Parkway; $239,900

Ally Bank to James Peterson; 3307 Melrose Court; $141,100

Terry/Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to Calvin Johnson Jr.; 4030 Kingston Parkway; $294,190

Marvin Winslow to Jacob Jackson; 703 Freeman Mill Road; $179,900

Joey Arrowood to Gary Coley; 154 Gene Ave.; $142,900

Joshua Elliot to Jason Kail; 6214 Whaleyville Blvd.; $179,000

David McGinness to Barbara Nading; 110 Toddsbury Court; $194,900

Wesley Joshway to Tyrell Grant; 3342 Nansemond River Drive; $431,300

Christopher Eggleston to Francisco Gonazalez; 101 Brewer Ave.; $288,000

Tami Wright to Victor Clark; 141 Green Springs Drive; $168,000

Russell McCrocklin to Nancy Bowers; 126 Mallard Drive; $169,500

Oast & Taylor PLC, trustee, to Steven Owen; 3022 Indian Point Road; $315,200

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Barney Campbell; 2565 River Watch Drive; $385,938

Wells Fargo Bank, trustee, to William Collins; 111 Brewer Ave.; $63,400

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company to Cedar Homes LLC; 113 Dana Drive; $194,500

Jolene Clemmons to Maritza Barbera-Ramirez; 6329 Whaleyville Blvd.; $151,200

William Weaver to Stephen Lay; 1128 Longstreet Lane; $149,800

Melinda Powers to Sean Knill; 115 Burnetts Court; $179,000

D & B Properties Inc. to Myosha Guy; 1241 Wilroy Road; $250,000

Lesley Collins to Kevin Kay; 3607 Traverse Circle; $223,200

Travis Harmon to Alberto Rosario; 3504 Fontwell Court; $252,000

Hope Griffin to Presson Construction LLC; 1203 Kansas St.; $90,000

Fannie Mae to Brandi Rohrback; 3824 Deer Path Road; $183,900

TMS Property Management LLC to City of Suffolk; 1821 Holland Road; $49,020

Delbert Warren to City of Suffolk; 1529 Holland Road; $750,000

Nancy Fulgham to Joseph Webb Jr.; 722 Riverview Drive; $367,000

JCS Holdings LLC to Danielle Reyes; 1341 Lummis Road; $142,000

Terry Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to Burley Rogers Jr.; 4026 Kingston Parkway; $299,810

Craig Hearn to Michael Jackson; 2.24 acres; $210,000

John Holzhauer to Keith Tuggle; 431 Beamons Mill Trail; $209,000

HG Development Finance II Land LLC to Anthony Viola; 2004 Anthony Place; $88,700

Robert Bayton, heir, to Larry Evans; 715 Longstreet Lane; $110,000

Robert Bayton, heir, to Larry Evans; 685 Longstreet Lane; $100,000

Patrick Corbin, trustee, to 168 Associates LLC; 2817 Godwin Blvd.; $3,750,000

Patrick Corbin, trustee, to 168 Associates LLC; 2817 Godwin Blvd.; $3,750,000

H & A Development Associates LLP to Michael Stuart; 4101 White Marsh Road; $199,000

Michael Stuart to Brandon Simpson; 4101 White Marsh Road; $164,000

NVR Inc. to Darnita McGraw; 315 W. Constance Road; $216,056

Moses Long Jr. to Ronald Mann; 234 Wentworth Court; $325,000

Annie Nix to Michael Stuart; 4224 White Marsh Road; $80,000

Wilbur Brisbin to Coastal Va. Homes LLC; n/a; $47,300

Anthony Claud to Frederick Callis; 0.5 acres; $11,000

William Darden, trustee, to William Darden; 1130 North Cherry Grove Road; $362,200

Real Estate Growth Fund LLC to Joseph Musicaro; 804 Lummis Road; $190,000

Carlesi Construction Inc. to Monica Williams; 4027 Brians Lane; $337,500

Ronald Wildermuth to Michael Woods; 3036 Bay Shore Lane; $289,900

BCS Homes LLC to Abel Carela; 104 Meridian Place; $326,700

George Barrow to Jennie Lanthorn; 4 Riverview Court; $141,000

Patrick Corbin, trustee, to 168 Associates LLC; 2817 Godwin Blvd.; $1,250,000

Charles Hairston to Winel Bray Jr.; 113 Niblick Circle; $373,500

Back Bay Outdoors LLC to De Pedro and World Class Funding; 347 N. Main St.; $157,500

Jerry Thornton to Willie Jones; 510 Kilby Shores Drive; $182,450

Bur-Di Corporation A Virginia Corp. to William Gibson; 6036 Rollingwood St.; $204,900

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Brenda McKay; 4050 Ravine Gap Drive; $339,756

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Frederick Masten Jr.; 436 Terrywood Drive; $315,710

Jamail Trahan to Sid Boykins Jr.; 2126 Brians Lane; $251,000

Terry/Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to Michael Murden; 4041 Kingston Parkway; $300,024

Kevin Newsome to Springfield Associates LLC; 6061 Bradford Drive; $67,000

Reginald Turner to Aliko Webley; 6210 Freeman Ave.; $214,500

Anthony Jannise to Jason Rose; 5120 Dominion Drive; $295,000

Wells Fargo Bank to Sai Allu; 105 Linden Ave.; $17,100

Joann Thompson to James Amaismeier; 31.5 acres; $65,000

Andrew Brockington to RA Lawson Corp.; n/a; $75,905

Terence Miller to RA Lawson Corp.; 0.18 acres; $8,000

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to Kimberly Weaks; 126 Farrand Drive; $400,572

Cheryl Zimmerman to Wayne Dick; 311 Lake Drive; $150,000

Carolina Road LLC to Jasen Shults; 918 Carolina Road; $125,000

Jeffrey Hux to Douglas Gordon; 4964 Deer Path Road; $62,900

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; 160 Patriots Walke Drive; $88,500

Joyce Kelly to Brooks Enterprises LLC; 2061 Longstreet Lane; $34,500

Michael Moran, trustee, to Thomas Erickson; 1644 Egret Circle; $540,000

Rusty Lee to Andrew Tucker; 5022 Huntclub Chase; $224,000

AB Homes LLC to Nicholas Dietrich; 3533 Desert Road; $253,400

Jackson Commercial Holdings LLC to Christopher Hicks; 0.361 acres; $1,000

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Shaquita Smith; 4003 Ravine Gap Drive; $304,900

William Nelson Jr. to William Lang; 664 Carolina Road; $161,000

Monica Gregory to Adam Halstead; 7166 Corinth Chapel Road; $449,000

Kathy Crew to Brooks Britt; 1568 White Dogwood Trail; $200,000

Current Homes LLC to Ferlissia Hunnicutt; 841 Davis Blvd.; $207,000

Warren Faison to Damian Cypress; 411 S. Main St.; $50,000

Vance Davis to Rascoe-Hall LLC; 304 Beech St.; $18,000

Terrance Wright to Alan Roviratorres; 3203 Clearcreek Road; $285,000

Parker Crossing LLC to Denese Blake-Newell, trustee; 2695 River Watch Drive; $460,880