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Bulldogs take season opener

Rick Hite got his first win as coach of the Bulldogs boys’ basketball team Friday night.

King’s Fork opened at home Friday against a competitive Indian River High School team. They won 74-72 in a close matchup that featured some good things and bad things for the Bulldogs.

“Both teams fought hard,” Hite said. “I am really proud of them. Indian River never went away. They came back and took the lead during the game, and our guys had to make a choice. They chose to fight hard all the way through and get the win.”

Hite said he was excited about his first win as the Bulldogs coach but even happier for his players. He believed they earned the win. Before the first game, Hite said he felt there was going to be some fine tuning to work through with his team.

“There were peaks and valleys,” Hite said. “Sometimes we showed outstanding chemistry, and sometimes we were reckless. It comes with the territory. We are going to go back and get some things cleaned up. As any coach will tell you, there are things to work on in a win and in a loss.”

The Bulldogs thought it was important to get this first win under their belt, especially playing in the Southeastern District. Guards James Hatton and Dekarie Mason did some good things for the Bulldogs Friday night.

King’s Fork will look to try to go 2-0 on the road against Hickory High School at 7:15 p.m. Tuesday.