An interview with the big guy

Published 10:10 pm Saturday, December 23, 2017

EDITOR’S NOTE: In support of its fundraising efforts on behalf of the Suffolk Cheer Fund, the Suffolk News-Herald has been featuring stories this month from well-known folks around the city recalling some of their cherished Christmas memories. To close out the series, Cheer Fund Head Elf Margie Wiley touched base with a very well-known guy the world over, Santa Claus, as he was preparing his sleigh for the big Christmas Eve trip around the world.

Margie: “So, it’s the big night tonight. How are things going out there?”

Santa: “Well, Margie, you know, things are going pretty well. The weather is good, and the sled is packed. Rudolph’s nose is all shined up and ready to guide my sleigh. I think we are going to have a wonderful night to get these gifts out to all the good girls and boys.”

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Margie: “That sounds great. Thanks for taking some time to talk with me before you head out. So can you share some of your favorite Christmas memories from years past?”

Santa: “Wow! That is a hard one to do! I have so many fond memories of Christmas. Now let me try and think of a few. There’s the cookies and milk I get, of course, and the reindeer corn, and we can’t forget the carrots for the reindeer! Then there is the fact that people keep the fires burning low, so I don’t have any trouble getting down the chimney. But to pick a favorite, well, that would be hard to do. What I really enjoy seeing is the generosity of others during the Christmas season.”

Margie: “How so?”

Santa: “Take for example what you do here in Suffolk with the Cheer Fund. Each year you raise thousands of dollars …”

Margie: “Almost $40,000 this year!”

Santa: “Yes, that is wonderful. All that money that gets raised and goes to benefit children here that need gifts, and that helps me and my elves get them ready to deliver on Christmas night. That is a truly remarkable thing to do, and to partner with the Salvation Army makes it even better. Christmas gifts have really changed over the years, and nowadays, things can be a little bit more complicated. You have Twitter and Facebook giving you Christmas ideas. I even heard that John Harrell tried to auction off a Google Home device at the Rotary Christmas auction. Geeesh…”

Margie: “Well, we all know he couldn’t use that at home. He’s more a chalkboard and eraser type of guy. Pretty sure I am going to get fined for that one!”

Santa: “Yep. Well, it’s getting late, and I have a world’s worth of toys to get out. I would like to finish by adding that I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. No matter how you celebrate, take time to show love to one another over the holiday and in the year to come. It takes more face muscles to frown that it does to smile!! HO HO HO HO HO.”

Margie: “Thank you, Santa, and merry Christmas to all!”