Shoppers find deals worth celebrating

Published 9:50 pm Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Harbour View East in North Suffolk was packed with heaps of shoppers the day after Christmas, but many of them weren’t swarming customer service for returns.

Most patrons, instead, were perusing the aisles to see what good deals they could find now that the holiday season is coming to a close. Those shopping were sure to be happy with the deals they found with some stores offering up to almost half off on Christmas gift sets and more.

“Our niece has five kids, and she’s a single mother. We are trying to find her daughter some clothes using our Kohl’s cash,” said Patricia Myers.

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Both Myers and her husband, Earvin, were excited about all of the post-Christmas sales that were happening.

Stores like Kohl’s offer big incentives for customers to come back after the holidays with promotions like Kohl’s cash, where they receive $10 for every $50 they spend. This year, the promotion is redeemable until Jan. 7.

Most patrons use the after-Christmas sales to get the things they really wanted but had to wait until they were on sale to buy them. One patron decided to take advantage of the deals in a different way.

“I’m just out here trying to get bargains, and with the Lord’s will I can put it away until next year,” said Deborah Gatling.

Gatling was scanning Walmart for potential gifts that she could use for next holiday season, rather than wait for the prices to go back up. She said she had already hit TJ Maxx for their deals and was hoping to do the same at Walmart.

“I didn’t do it this year, but hopefully I can save everything for next year,” said Gatling.

Walmart was another retailer that had deals all across the store. Anything Christmas-themed was immediately marked down to 50 percent off of the original price. The superstore also had many regular items on sale.

Most customers weren’t making returns but rather were making good use out of the items they got as gifts.

“I had a couple dresses that I was going to return, but I decided to keep them. They were red and black, and I kept them to motivate me towards some weight loss for Valentine’s Day,” said Gatling.