Question: How are you preparing for snow this week?

Published 10:16 pm Tuesday, January 2, 2018

David Harris, 62, Suffolk

The only thing I’m going to do is stay in the house where it’s nice and warm. But if I come outdoors, I might put down something like salt, and I might shovel the driveway to get my car out.

David Eure, 48, Suffolk

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I’m going to put some ice melt down. I’ve got a tractor with a bucket and blade to clear out some parking lots. That’s the fun part. Pushing a shovel is too much exercise for me.

Jackie McKimmey, 40, Suffolk

We normally don’t do too much. We just scrape the sidewalks off with the snow shovel that we have, and sometimes we use sand, but not salt. That leaves spotting all over my sidewalk, and the sand works better too.

Curtis Whitley, 75, Sunbury, N.C.

Nothing. This is not a big deal whatsoever. When you get 10 or 12 feet of snow, then it’s a big deal. My son lives in Utah. The snowy part of Utah. My wife and I went to visit him to go skiing. The snow was so deep that we couldn’t get to the snow lodge.