Ayers releases novel

Published 7:57 pm Saturday, January 6, 2018

Suffolk resident E. Ayers found local inspiration in her own city and in Franklin for her recently published novel, “A Rancher’s Request.”

“This area is ignored in books,” Ayers said. “These things just sort of hit me. It’s not super planned. I was chasing railroads on Google Maps, and it was very difficult, yet it was fun.”

“A Rancher’s Request” is set in 1890 Franklin and touches Suffolk as well as other small towns surrounding the area. The traditional western novel follows a romance between the two main characters from the East Coast all the way to Wyoming.

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“It took probably a little over a year, trying to get some of the accuracies in. I wasn’t generalizing,” Ayers said, adding that she tried hard to maintain historical accuracy in her work.

Ayers has been self-publishing her books since the beginning, but has recently paired up with Indie Artist Press to make the process easier. The hybrid publishing company assists self-publishing artist by proofing and editing the books while the author keeps 100 percent of the book sales.

“They take indie books that are New York standard or they won’t touch them. It takes a huge burden off of me,” Ayers said.

Ayers’ books can be ordered from any Barnes & Noble retail location, but most readers buy her books from Amazon. The books are also available when Ayers does book signings.

Straying from her western roots, Ayers plans to release a contemporary novel this year. The book is set to be released in February or March, and the novel features a deaf hero.

“It is a fantastic opportunity for the deaf community. It is the result of me knowing a lot of deaf people and a lot of research,” Ayers said.