Good news for gas prices

Published 9:37 pm Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Virginia drivers began 2018 with snow, icy roads and rising gas prices.

According to a AAA news release, Virginians were paying $2.29 on average for a gallon of gas as of Jan. 3, which was four cents more than the week before and a 7-cent increase compared to January 2016. Hampton Roads, however, was at $2.27 per gallon.

That’s the most expensive gas prices for early January in the state since prices were more than $3 per gallon in 2014, according to the press release.

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But there’s good news for drivers as they move past the holidays and melting snow.

The Energy Information Administration reportedly measured gasoline demand at a strong 9.5 million barrels per day, which is typical of the holiday season. Historical data indicates that demand should drop in early January and stay below 9 million for the first few months of 2018.

“Although prices at the pump shot up over the holidays, now that the holiday season is in the rearview mirror, motorists can expect gas prices to trend cheaper this month as we are likely to see a significant drop in gasoline demand,” AAA Tidewater Virginia spokeswoman Georjeane Blumling stated in the press release.

A Jan. 8 news release stated the national gas price average has held steady at $2.49 for nine straight days.

“On average, gas prices are 12 cents more expensive than a year ago,” AAA spokeswoman Jeanette Casselano stated in the release. However, on the week, consumer demand for gasoline decreased. If this continues, gas prices will decrease in the weeks ahead.”

The average price per gallon in Virginia has been steady at $2.30 for the last five days, and the Hampton Roads average is $2.28, according to an email from Katharine Beachboard with AAA Tidewater Virginia.

“Despite arctic temperatures and violent winter weather, there have been no real supply issues in the region since gasoline inventories are ample,” Beachboard said, with gasoline inventory levels continuing to top 58 million barrels per day. recorded Suffolk gas prices ranging from $2.15 to $2.37 per gallon as of Wednesday. Visit for more information.