Suffolk has been a joy this month

Published 9:47 pm Thursday, January 18, 2018

Suffolk is that old friend you don’t see very often, or make the effort to talk to, but still loves you no matter what.

Suffolk is the sweet, old grandmother that makes sure you have enough food every visit.

Suffolk has been a joy this last month.

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My whole life has been spent on the opposite end of Hampton Roads, and after 24 years it’s nice to get the chance to learn all the nooks and crannies of a new city.

In the last year of my life, Suffolk has unintentionally become a huge part of my life without me ever noticing.

My wedding will be held at the beautiful Obici House in March, and my father was buried at Albert G. Horton Jr. Memorial Veterans Cemetery.

Now I’ve spent 31 days at the Suffolk News-Herald, and I see more of this city than I do my own.

I got my start in journalism at Virginia Wesleyan College (the school is technically a university, but I’ll always call it a college), where I got a bachelor’s degree in communication in 2016. While I was in school, I gave all of my time to the college newspaper, The Marlin Chronicle. I went from a staff writer to the sports editor to the editor.

From there, I spent late nights working as an editorial assistant for the Virginian-Pilot, and working for the Norfolk Admirals while they were still an AHL club.

Since I’m an avid sports fan, I originally thought I was going to be a sports reporter. I wanted to be to be the next Dan Shaughnessy or Bob McKenzie and live in Boston. Plus, when you live in Boston, people don’t come up to you every day talking about the Patriots being cheaters.

Sports writing wasn’t in the stars, but I’m incredibly happy being able to report things like city government and the school board. Since I report on them, it forces me to learn about it, and it’s been incredibly beneficial to me as a person and a reporter.

Now that I’m working at the News-Herald, my life revolves around coffee, 45-minute commutes, being a professional voicemail-leaver and sitting waiting for trains to pass.

You’ll probably see me sitting in City Council chambers crocheting, laughing at memes or looking at cute pictures of my dogs while I wait for the next meeting to start.