Growth in South Suffolk

Published 7:00 pm Thursday, January 25, 2018

To the Editor:

As a resident of South Suffolk, I applaud the city of Suffolk for its efforts and excellence in using the southside corridor for the new road maintenance and traffic engineering site (600 Carolina Road) and future city programs in progress.

They have followed through with the Department of Planning’s goals for 2017 indeed. It is commendable that the city utilizes this up and coming area.


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From the Department of Planning’s Mission Statement: “… Stimulating and revitalization of declining areas through sound planning objectives and to articulate the community’s vision for the city’s future…”

It is not just a mission statement; as a citizen, I see it becoming a reality. Development, new construction, businesses and property sales will improve the visual appeal and enhance the city’s future.

In the same 800 block of Carolina Road, construction has begun on an Army Reserve training center. We even have a new Dollar General that is much needed. There are no grocery stores in the south end, nor are there any between this corridor and Edenton, N.C., Route 13 or Route 32.

Living along the rural area of Route 32, I have watched commuter traffic increase dramatically.  New homes have been built on Carolina Road and on Airport Road in 2017, and movement of families to new homes in this rural area continues.

Also, Suffolk seems to be the only city in the Tidewater area to have so efficiently cleared roads here after the huge snow storm we had. Most of our city roads were cleared, which takes planning ahead, preparing, allocating funds and ensuring sufficient equipment and employees are available to work around the clock. Your hard work is appreciated. Thank you!

Tracy A. Williams