Children get comfortable with learning

Published 7:26 pm Friday, January 26, 2018

Students at Creekside Elementary School are enjoying more flexible choices this semester, like whether to do classwork on a bouncy ball or at the plastic picnic table.

Kindergarten teacher Leigh Anne Sante did a makeover for her classroom during Christmas break. Sante removed the standard chairs and desks from her classroom and replaced them with pillows, tiny lawn chairs and other more comfortable options from her own home and with parent donations.

The overhaul was a simple but effective way for the students to get comfy and be more productive, she said.


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“As an adult, sometimes you want to sit on the couch, the bed, the floor or whatever else makes you comfortable,” she said. “This gives them a variety of choices to get comfortable.”

Her students go between coloring inside scoop chairs and reading on cushioned dog beds. She makes sure students stay on task and aren’t disruptive, but otherwise they have the freedom to move wherever they wish.

Removing the 20-plus desks from the room has also made the classwork that much easier.

“They’re not tripping over bookbags, coats, crayons, markers or socks, and they’re able to find their materials a lot easier,” she said. “We’re gaining a little bit more time with instruction because we’re not wasting time finding materials.”

Some of the children already have their favorite seats, like Daylen Parker, 6, and his bouncy ball.

“It’s my favorite thing,” Daylen said.

Sarah London, 6, and Caroline Zawodny, 5, both enjoy inflated soccer balls inside plastic crates.

“Those are really comfy to sit on,” Sarah said.

“They’re so fun,” Caroline added. “They’re comfy and soft and they help me do my best work.”