Question: What new technology is exciting for you?

Published 9:56 pm Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Susan Lawrence, 52, Suffolk

I think a neat thing would be security for your house that measures your hand. Being able to lock and unlock your house with just your palm or your fingerprints, or remotely locking and unlocking your house. I really love that kind of technology.


Niyasia Scott, 17, Suffolk

I’ve seen that they’re supposed to release the new iPhone soon. I’m excited to see where Apple is going to take their level of iPhones, since they’re in the lawsuit right now with making our phones slower. My phone is really, really slow now, so hopefully I’ll get this new phone and it’ll work fine.


Baxley Lockhart, 16, Suffolk

I’ve been to NRPA water quality meetings in Eclipse. They were talking about technology to help the water in the Hampton Roads areas. It doesn’t give as much pressure on the oysters. They used to have to do all the work, but with this new technology, we’re relying less on the oysters.


Majdah Schiavi, 31, Suffolk

There’s a lot of technology that is being used to connect agencies and to reduce duplication of services. Anything like that excites me because it helps us advocate for people. It’s getting the word out about certain clients to the right people at the right time.