Land Transfers for Jan. 26 – Feb. 1

Published 7:53 pm Saturday, February 3, 2018

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Jan. 26-Feb. 1

Eric Matsko to William Pentland; 107 Oakdale Terrace; $176,425


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Catharine Bellus to Daniel Manferdini; 2644 River Watch Drive; $279,900

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Nicholas Kendziora; 424 Terrywood Drive; $285,075

Flythe Real Estate LLC to Ywain Young; 0.19 acres; $10,000

Delores Williams-Burks to William Mitchell; 219 Knight St.; $42,700

Frederick Pauley Jr. to City of Suffolk; 2940 Badger Road; $754

Parker Crossing LLC to James Smth Jr.; 2699 River Watch Drive; $415,900

Brenda Baker to Hampton Roads Holding Company; 1705 Macedonia Ave.; $25,000

Darlynn Bell to Jonathan Noll; 116 Brittany Lane; $340,000

Wirth Holdings LLC to Frederick Taylor; 2014 Anthony Place; $546,200

Adrian Negrut to Jacques Zins; 6807 Ivanhoe Court; $264,000

Deborah Vines to Jonathan Hull; 2124 Piedmont Road; $289,900

Dolly Bowden to AT&K Investments LLC; 130 Maple St.; $104,500

Daniel Warren to Eric Britt; 1519 Elderberry Road; $390,000

Paul Holland to City of Suffolk; 108 Forest Glen Drive; $2,660

Jonathan Huffman to Joshua Smak; 220 Longstreet Lane; $255,000

George Hagins to Steven Reid; 5305 Marsh Landing Lane; $465,900

Benjamin Goins to Anthony Williams Jr.; 209 Bosley Ave.; $219,000

Eugene Herring to Moonlight Welding LLC; 1260 Carolina Road; $130,000

Jimmy Evett to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 1249 Barnes Road; $22,750

Cameron Spencer, heir, to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 1 acre; $162

Connie Davis, executor, to Deborah Butler; 203 Constance Woods Drive; $172,500

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Artis Thorne; 403 Terrywood Drive; $340,000

Scott Bisciotti to Joanne Swiger; 303 TIndalls Court; $552,800

Lauren Bradshaw to James Milburn; 6036 Meadowlot Lane; $261,600

Thomas Lapsley to Lisa Behren; 118 Burnetts Court; $181,000

Terry/Peterson Residential Thirty-One to Columbia Gas of Virginia Inc.; 1025 University Blvd.; $1

MS Suffolk Associates LC to Kimberly Tribble; 8 Ferry Point Road; $50,000

Michael Hamerly to City of Suffolk; 5360 Indian Trail; $200

Tymar LLC to Tamra Byrd; 4104 Berwyn Way; $271,000

Jason Weeks to William Miles; 125 W. Liberty Spring Road; $379,900

Wirth Holdings LLC to Ricky Bess Jr.; 2097 Mill Lake Road; $406,225

Rose Wyne to Joshua Hudson; 7570 Elwood Road; $315,000

Jose Paz to David Callahan; 3304 Rockcreek Lane; $269,900

Manning Road Trust #862 to John Bush; 862 Manning Road; $206,900

Geir Myklebust to Terri Ashe; 3050 Bay Shore Lane; $274,000

Mitchell Bauman to Nathan Hazell; 210 S. Broad St.; $269,500

Derrell Ward to Robert Gorman; 7125 Arrington St.; $249,500

Flythe Real Estate LLC to Timothy Hinson; 7437 Old Myrtle Road; $215,000

Raymond Murray to Angela Hedrick; 107 Stumpy Lake Court; $410,000

Brian Donahue to Richard Lafayette; 2058 Nicklaus Drive; $231,000

Scott Downie to Tristan Budd; 2780 Freeman Mill Road; $205,000

Williams Farm Reorganization LLC to CBAY-VA LLC; 2132 Kings Fork Road; $635,138