Staring into the eyes of life

Published 9:59 pm Thursday, February 8, 2018

By Ariane Williams

Heart beating fast. Struggling to breathe. Fidgety. Sweaty. Physical pains. Life has a way of challenging the heart and mind at times.

So many people within the world are feeling depressed as anxiety claims residence in the heart. When depression “settles” in the spirit, the heart becomes “unsettled” and loses a beat every now and then. How can I move forward when life continues to be at every corner in my life? How can I move on if I have lost so much along this journey called “life”? How can I heal when my wounds keep getting deeper?


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Those are some of the questions that plague the mind and entangle the soul. Depression and anxiety will have you thinking about tomorrow but not living for today. Having the strength to “move” helps with the healing process. Each day is a process of fighting. Each day is a chance to win. How will you win?

The world is such a selfish place at times. People tend to care about themselves and turn their backs on their neighbors. Whatever happened to “authentic” love? You know, the authentic love when neighbors would leave milk bottles on the doorstep? When farmers would leave their “first fruits” on the doorstep? When an argument one day would turn into a fun sleepover the next day? When a mud pie was a real cake and was created with love? When we tied a string around the June bugs and would let them fly like a kite or caught lightning bugs and then let them go? That was life.

How does all of this relate to anxiety and depression? When we forget to live, joy leaps out of the spirit, and it is replaced with anxiety and depression. We pretend to know people, but when they really need us, we cannot even tap into the heart or the “need.” If we begin to sow seeds together, then we can plant together. When we plant together, we can grow together. Anxiety and depression break down not only the mind but also the body. People are dealing with loss in every area of their lives right now; they need an outlet to survive. We all need help to heal on the inside.

Here are some things that you can do if you are dealing with anxiety or depression:

  • Leave a special note on someone’s porch, or you can choose something else that may be special.
  • Write a special note to yourself each day and carry it around with you so that you can be reminded of possibilities.
  • Make a mud pie with a friend. Yes, adults can be children again at heart.
  • Laugh at a memory.
  • Buy a journal to record your thoughts.
  • Exercise at least 10 to 15 minutes a day.
  • Adopt healthy eating habits.
  • Listen to positive music.

We must learn to start with what we have and where we are to get to where we need to go in this life. Anxiety and depression will try to captivate you, but there is a way to freedom. When we realize that we can help each other, then we will realize that we are victorious. We are courageous. We will stare into the eyes of life as conquerors. Do not forget to live today.

Ariane Williams is a teacher, minister, published author and liturgical dancer. Email her at