What is love?

Published 9:26 pm Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Love is — an intellectual experience as well as a spiritual heritage, an emotional crisis as well as a biological hunger, a magnet that draws lovers for mutual happiness, only for a moment or for life!

An act of love is — forgetting yourself, thinking of others, sharing what you have, and you’ll get well, giving your heart to the desperate, never hurting and hating your enemies, but loving, understanding and caring for them, being true and faithful friend to them, as Jesus loves you to the end.

Parents and grandparents — lots of sacrifice and compromise, patience, endurance, hard work, just so their brood and tribe are taken care of, that family and the world rejoice.


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Writer — creates and weaves a story to tell, out of words selected, beautiful, powerful, informative, entertaining, inspirational, educational, making life exciting, meaningful and wonderful.

Health care provider — practicing and putting your profession to work, treating and caring for the sick, wounded and injured, thus saving lives, focusing on the health and well-being of all, so that life continues to exist.

Volunteer worker — though how busy you are, at work, at home, with family, you always find time to share your time, to others who need assistance and care.

Farmer — at dawn, you’re in the field or in the farm, toiling, tilling the soil, and doing other farm work, plowing, planting, sowing, cultivating until dusk, envisioning a bountiful, beautiful, profitable harvest.

Faithful employee — never misses work, always on time and doesn’t complain, thinks safety, productivity and teamwork, making fellow employees and company happy.

Loving couple — two chosen and fortunate individuals, sitting unperturbed on a park bench, exchanging sweet glances, hugging and locking lips, smiling happily while whispering lovely notes.

Two birds — delicate, flying creatures, singing sweet notes of love, sticking together wherever they go, up in the air, on the ground, together forever.

Priest or pastor — studied in seminary, heeded the call of the Almighty, serving His flock of humanity, enlightening the path of so many.

Nun or sister — entered the convent, in the midst of innuendos and temptations of a troubled world, just to serve and love Him and others.

Ah, love is — nibbling chocolates, sipping red wine, smelling the roses, holding hands together.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Chris A. Quilpa, a retired U.S. Navy veteran, lives in Suffolk. Email him at chris.a.quilpa@gmail.com.