Tuesday was “National Love Your Pet Day.” What do you think is the best house pet and why?

Published 10:04 pm Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Corey Duncan, 40, Chesapeake

A dog. I’ve always had one. They’re good companions, and they can play. I have two dogs, a hound and a shepherd. They play with the kids and are just fun to have around.

Michael Benton, 30, Portsmouth


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I would say a cat, because they’re just easy to maintain. I just put the litter box and food down for them. Personally, I don’t care for dogs because of their anxiety when I first come home. I walk in to my cat, and he’s just lounging out on the couch.

Sherry Goodrich, 43, Chesapeake

Well, we only have fish. There’s an allergy in my family, so no furry pets. Fish are nice and peaceful, and are nice to look at. We’ve got a couple goldfish but mostly platys. They’re non-aggressive, community fish.

Morgan Phipps, 27, Virginia Beach

I’m a dog person. We’ve got five dogs, including two rescues, a brother and sister. We got the runt and the biggest brother. They’re the most loyal, and you can train them to do different things. I like that different breeds have very different personalities. They’re like little people without actually having a kid.