Question: What has been your best purchase that cost less than $20?

Published 10:23 pm Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Lori White, 55, Suffolk

I guess a pair of pants I got for $9.99 at a red dot sale. They were like $40 pants. I’m a bargain shopper. Also, those $4 deals at Wendy’s.

Audrey Copeland, 54, Suffolk


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The Dollar Tree has awesome things for anybody. I go there for household items. That’s really helped us a lot around here. You want to save your money for other things.

Zachary Doleman, 19, Suffolk

Probably this belt. This has the crest for Hampton-Sydney College. I attend Hampton-Sydney College and I’m in the second semester of my freshman year. We went on a trip and they were just like, “buy a belt.”

Shane Branham, 19, Newport News

It was a Cook Out tray, with a bacon double cheeseburger, fries and a chicken sandwich. Also, Croaker’s Spot Richmond. You can get a whole platter for like $12.