Question: How much caffeine do you have daily?

Published 10:47 pm Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ray Soto, 15, Suffolk

Maybe a cup of soda or coffee. It’s not because I like the taste. It’s because my body is just used to a certain amount of it, I guess. Otherwise, I get headaches and stuff like that.

Bradley Harrison, 15, Suffolk


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I don’t drink caffeine, really. I don’t touch coffee, energy drinks or sodas. I just feel like energy drinks and coffee are bad for you. Some of those energy drinks can really hurt you.

Courtney Van der Linden, 28, Churchland

On the weekdays, two to three cups of coffee, but not as much on the weekend. I might just have one cup. I only drink tea if I’m sick. Usually, it’s coffee for me.

Stephen House, 57, Suffolk

Usually just one 24-ounce, like a medium or large cup of coffee. When I was working, I drank, like, 60 ounces a day on a 10-hour shift. Now that I’m retired, I just drink one a day.